What Is The Purpose Of Social Media?|| Because I Am Not A Social-Media Person And More Munchkin-Advised Blogger Confessions

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The Queen has returned. AKA moi. Or maybe I’m quoting Sheen of Quadows*. Anyhoo, I am drowning myself in light blue, pink, and turquoise for Valentine’s day. Does the above thing not like like blue Valentine’s Day art vomit? AHEM. THAT IS ALL ME. BOW TO ME O BLESSED ONES. I would love to drown myself in greens. Like light green, and mint green, and lime green, and camo green, and that rich dark green…maybe I will stop being a fantasizer and talk about what I’m actually going to be posting today. It’s Monday, which means it’s time for us to start off our week with a good discussion.

*Ahem. Please be real. Sheen of Quadows really is much funner** to say than Queen of Shadows. I think I’ll go around for a good few weeks saying ‘Sheen of Quadows’ and no one will understand me except for YOU. Because I’m over here pretending to be a duck and scare all the Herondales away, right? QUACK. 

**BAH. Funner is funner to say than more fun.  Let’s go be thieving and steal some Thin Mints from the refrigerator. 


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So what is the purpose of social media? Because let me start off and share some of my thoughts and go ahead and heed the “thoughts and confessions” part of the title without dying inside because of THIN MINTS and KAZ BREKKER and ROWAN WHITETHORN. You can deal.

I’ve seen several comments before suggesting whatever blogger*/person to sign up for various social media accounts supported by the constant phrase “it helps you reach out”, “gain more followers”, “maximize your audience”. What does this mean exactly?

Is Social Media only used by bloggers to gain a bigger following or more publicity for your blogs? Social media is often used by common people (excluding bloggers) who want to connect with their family, friends, or long-distance relatives/acquaintances.

— *See how I specified ‘blogger’ and then ‘person’? Complete total and full proof that us bloggers are a completely different species of humans. Often true. —

I was always scared of social media. Always scared of compromising my safety, and so I never did it. I still find it frightening, and daunting, and something to keep away from me at arm’s length but my current social media accounts are a mainstream of ‘PRIVATE ACCOUNT you must request this person to see their content’ because I use them to connect with friends and relatives. Therefore, I am not a social media maniac and I do not ever want to invest myself as deeply into social media as I’ve seen people do. 

There, folks. There’s my confession. I think I’ve greatly amused Squashhead and so now our attack scale is uneven. He predicted I’d never ‘man up’ enough to come say this. 😛

So what I want to ask is: is it worth it? I’ve habituated the practice of making my accounts on whatever thing it is private if the option is available to me. Often my social media accounts, such as my instagram, is used to stay in touch with my friends and to share photos of my experiences and books with them rather than to simply be an advertising program for my blog.

I also have a pinterest, and I don’t create boards and pin stuff as much as I do go hunting for pictures of cute things related to my story that I’m currently writing to get a better perspective on the object in my head–because let’s be real. Pinterest has everything.

But that’s not the focus of this post. The focus of this post is on the true purpose of social media and why we have it. Let’s face it, social media is an important part of all of our lives and has placed itself into our daily lifestyles very easily. My friends and I, we’ve had it from a pretty young age considering normalcy. And so do we use social media to keep in touch with our loved ones, to gain publicity among the internet, or to advertise our blogs?!

Social media pros:
  • You keep in touch with friends
  • You stay in contact with relatives and friends
  • You have a place to post your photography/post your thoughts [in a way, think about it]
  • Social media can help you meet new friends and find people who share your interests
Social media cons:
  • You can compromise your internet safety
  • You are an open door for identity theft and hacking
  • Sometimes your posted content can be [copied, pasted, sent] transported to anywhere and seen by anyone without your permission
  • What you put on the internet STAYS forever
  • You can be putting your safety and person [details, etc,] at risk

So. Cons beats pros by one, but there certainly are other pros and cons of social media besides the major ones that I listed.

So would people be willing to compromise their safety to gain more publicity or advertise their other internet accounts or programs? Of course everything we do on the internet comes with a risk, blogging included, but cautiousness and wariness of your actions, the content you post, is a great practice and should be steadily employed.

I think that maintaining a few social media accounts with great internet safety awareness is going to be the most attainable, reasonable solution to the social media craze in this generation. I understand completely that attempting to compel people to drop all their social media will be one of the biggest flops of anyone’s life, so I am this time advising internet awareness and cautiousness of what you do on the internet.

Social media provides a different purpose for everyone. Some people do indeed use it to gain either a bigger cyberspace following or an advertisement on their blogs, but the purpose that use my social media for is to simply stay in touch with relatives and friends and share the things with them that cannot be expressed through talking or words. Sometimes telling a picture or creating and sending a pinterest board full of entertaining GIF’s can be the brightest part of anyone’s day.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.27.38 PM

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