A Few Web Dragons That I Rather Love Even Though They Do Not Correlate To Books So They Must Associate With Pie

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My life is not completely full of books. Words, maybe. But I do have hobbies outside of eating books. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m pretty sure I have no life besides volleyball, reading, and taekwondo. Big whoop. 

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. It’s super easy to participate in! Just write a post about your top ten (or really any number you feel like) answers to the given prompt and remember to link back to their blog!

So, anyhoo, I’ve decided that I’ll tell you that I’m going to just fake it till I make it, and then when I start to develop further life, I will let you know. But now, I’ll just tell you about how I love ten other things besides Paper Fury, blogging, everyone’s lovely blogs, and other important things like pie, because if I can’t tell you about books, I’m going to have to include vanilla caramel milkshakes ZOMG and pie somewhere, right?


Because, you know, if I can’t read, I have to fail at making pie and vanilla strawberry cake.


YOUTUBE YOUTUBE YOUTUBE. I have to watch Superwoman, because life otherwise is nonexistent. Also, youtube is where I play my music on an open window when I’m too lazy to pull up my Spotify. Anyone else do this? Also, I need to watch Connor Franta and Tyler Oakley because without any of these YouTubers, I cannot laugh in the day. I CANNOT. Plus, I remember when I was younger, I would watch videos about the stuff that I really wanted (ahem, a dog, or a book series, or a DOG, or a fish, or a sabertooth tiger) but that my parents wouldn’t buy.


And then I have to sort of listen to my favorite Tori Kelly songs and Jason Derulo and Mike Posner and SoMo and other people who have absolutely no verbal control. But, you know, it’s good, and lemons.


Heh, I could cheat and say this isn’t book related so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Get real, atleast if I’m not writing a post, I’m answering and approving comments or customizing my blog or doing something else and toying with settings and themes and pages and colors and other perfect things.

If I’m not reading, then I’m definitely blogging or writing or unsuccessfully baking, because, please, what did you think of me? #priorities


It’s my alternative to PowerPoint because I can handle this so much better than Microsoft, and I like making clean presentations. Also, since I’m amazing at public speaking (for once, I’m not glorifying myself, it’s the truth and I’m not very good at being modest) and it’s one of my hobbies since I was little, I make little guiding presentations for my speeches and work on them and it helps me not glorify myself.


And Google Docs is my go-to when I’m not doing aforementioned several hobbies, in case I need to plan out something or I’m just making some notes for my WIP, google docs is always the most accessible thing for me and I can just run in and title my doc ‘WIP NOTES #76’ so that it’s very easy to go back and find my notes after looking through 75 of my previous beautiful notes.


Always. Always, always. I love Michael’s because I love stationery and paint and art and, granted, I’m not good at it. I’M NOT GOOD AT IT OBVIOUSLY I’M ONLY GOOD AT TYPING FURIOUSLY AND devouring WoRdS. I also like yarn, and I like knitting a lot. I like to knit. I like knitting doilies and poorly knitted scarfs and loose cardigans that are basically long rags that look more like wrap-arounds.


Yes, a blog. Hugzilla is a good blog. I like Hugzilla. Even though this madam his no verbal control either, I love Hugzilla because it is an art of entertainment and realism and motherly….truth. Just–truth.


Legit, it’s the most useful tool ever when I’m writing something and I’m always super crazy about names. First I’ll write the manuscript with random names like Kathryn and Maxwell and Andy and Ruby and then I’ll go back and replace Ruby #3 with Elinor and Andy #67 with Theodore, and so this is the perfect name resource for me because I’m obsessed with perfectly unique, unheard of, super SPECIAL (greek/Armenian/egyptian/Russian translations of english words? no) names.

10. http://theartofnotwriting.tumblr.com/ AKA VERONICA ROTH

Her blog is BOSS. It’s like the one writer who actually personally writes, and doesn’t have someone else do it for her. Veronica Roth is anything but that, and everything she writes is GOLD. Everything she writes seems real and she has so many crafty, clever writing posts and tips and advice that help and that are real easy to understand, and definitely straight-on. Quoting Hazel Grace Lancaster, I’d read her grocery lists.

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