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Hello wonderful human who wants to contact me specifically perhaps about pie (which I am quite open to). You can contact me thru a comment on my About page, on a blog post, thru social media, or use this form as appropriate to the content of the message you would like to convey.

I do appreciate people trying to talk to me or contact me, because I enjoy replying to aforesaid people and reading what they have to say. Now, if you’d like to discuss a more serious type of thing, or if you’d like to ask me something, or simply say something to me that you can’t comment down on a blog post or my about page, you can freelance here. HINT: FREELANCE ABOUT PIE because why not. It is the life force of us all, after all.

Also, reach out to me through social media links or Goodreads if you’d prefer. Chances are, I’ll see it faster if you contact me thru my Insta or my Goodreads than if you email me.

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I DO NOT accept any review requests through this form and will ignore any that are made so.