Glorious Autumn (My Happy Season) And My Fall TBR


Autumn is my favorite season of the year. Winter is too cold, summer is too hot, and my allergies shoot through the sky in Spring. Autumn’s just perfect, and something about it makes it so cozy, especially for buying new clothing and redecorating your home and reading books. Continue reading

Authors I Would Happily Take Another Book From

things bloggers should not compare their blogs on (3)

This is not the first time I’ve begun writing a post and don’t know what to say. Nevertheless, here I am, simply typing whatever comes into my mind, which is a VERY bad idea, but obviously I don’t recognize that because I’m still typing.

All bookworms have a favorite author. And there are certain authors who we would love a dozen more books from.

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Five Books I Rethought And Ruthlessly Rerated Because Fact #17 About Me Is That I’m Inordinately Indecisive

five booksichangedmy opinionabout

This is basically what went down since last time I posted something: My cousin decided to bunk with me for a couple of days, we did what girls do and sat the night out and acted chaotic. After she left, my sister and I went and visited family that we have yet to leave and this is all of what I packed: my Mac, tablet/phone/other devices since this is a completely spoiled generation, Red Rising by Pierce Brown, and, oh yes, all the clothes and shoes that I kind of need.

Now I’m still with family, and hey, I tried to take decent photos but all I had was Red Rising and my tablet. SO BASICALLY PIERCE BROWN FOR ALL. But that should be something as an aversion to me typically involving Harry Potter in every photo I take…it’s almost a habit now. Almost. And I must make a note–a note that my sister wanted me to tell you:

And quote: “Veda slept for seriously 6 hours last night and woke me up and cut me on my sleep so since she’s always ‘blogging’ and wrecking Aunt’s home for every flower vase, she shouldn’t make too much noise because she should just be polite and I hope she’s not wasting her time.” End quote.

Ha! Dear sister, ask any book blogger if there’s such a thing as too much blogging or causing the extinction of flower vases.

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Five Bookshelf Accessories That Were Love At First Sight For Me || Surprises Because I Am A Picky Thing

Bookshelf Accessories

In case you did not know, I am an EXTREMELY picky person. Picky with food mostly, but other things too, and books especially is one of them. Like, unless it’s been personally recommended or its not a debut/first book in the series, a book will not catch my eye unless the cover is gorgeous/unique/to my taste/colorful and the blurb is excellent and there are tons of great but also negative reviews. I HAVE STANDARDS OKAY PLEASE.

I’ve never been a fan of those tightly packed bookshelves, to be honest. I mean, I understand that it’s a bookshelf, but I like the kinds of bookshelves that have some more space, and aren’t just literally BOOKS ON TOP OF BOOKS ON TOP OF BOOKS. Because as much as I like color, I also like simplicity and refinement, so I love the vertical books with the little vase in the middle and then horizontally laid books with a faux plant or something of the sort. I just find those kinds of spacious, cozy, books-with-other-lavish-accessories kind of bookshelves to be so gorgeous. So here we go.

AND BY THE WAY I’VE BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHERE FOR BOOKSHELF INSPIRATIONS BECAUSE I’M REDOING MY ROOM WHICH IS TORTURE BASICALLY. It was hard…but I saw these and I loved them as soon as I saw them. So they’re on my inspiration board and desire-the-most-would-like-to-steal bookshelf board. So you know why this is full of so much insta-love. I’VE NEVER EVER TAKEN MUCH INTEREST IN DESIGNING MY BOOKSHELVES UP UNTIL NOW SO THESE ARE ALL MY NEW FAVORITE ACCESSORIES. Before I used to like journals and penholders and mugs and things like that. I’m new and lit baby (what a joke (insert tears of joy emoji because I overuse it anyway)

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A Few Things That You Might Want To Know About Me Since I am an unknowable creature (except for when I’m not (except for all the time)

things you might want to know (1).png

Tbch I am not an interesting person–you see, I put it out there. I’m just not! I’m quite the average person…outwardly. As everyone is to their own, I am to myself, but I’m not as interesting as some other bloggers out there who lead very interesting lives* but I suppose I do have my own quirks. Usually in this situation (when conversing with a non-bookish human), I, the bookworm creature, usually uses ‘owning a book blog’ and ‘being an insanely insane bookworm’ to make myself sound very important and well-rounded and iconic. So we’ll see about this.

(Honestly tho, I’m not too sure what I meant when I said ‘So we’ll see about this’ like a completely prepared, mature person so basically I was being a different person. *sigh* I should be an actor I’m so dramatic omg) We’ll see what awes you. I bet you there’s going to be 0-1** awing things on this list. NAW. I’VE JUST BEEN JOKING THIS WHOLE TIME I’M SUPER INTERESTING HA HA. (We’ll see *insert mouthless noseless (even though emojis never have noses) emoji*)

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Books That I Particularly Liked All The While Being Unacquainted With The Genre

Give Me A (2)

Honestly, I wasn’t too sure about doing this T5W because I’m a complete YA fantasy nerd and YA sci-fi geek. I usually don’t read much outside of those genres, because books outside of those genres don’t exactly attract me. Occasionally, I’ll read a contemporary, but that’s only when there’s a lot of good hype around it, on the contrary of when I go out searching for every fantasy YA there is.

If I’m not reading a YA fantasy or a sci-fi, then I’ll probably be reading a contemporary, but since I’ve only read a couple handfuls of contemporary, I consider that to be unusual too. It’s just that fantasy & sci-fi, being more packed with action, thrill, and mystery call to me more than any kind of romance or semi-realistic story. It’s always nice to read a light, binge read, but I still seem to prefer things where people die more.

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Places I Like To See Books Set In Because Too Much US and Europe has been going on || Top Five Wednesday

top ten reasons

The Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, The Dark Artifices, Harry Potter, The Infernal Devices, All the Light We Cannot See–you name it, the book’s probably set in the US or Europe. And if it’s not, chances are, the book is set in Canada or Australia. Which is entirely very scarce, so I’ve come up with some bang-up places (or mostly areas) I would like more books to be set in.

And mind you, I know the list doesn’t stop at this planet/solar system/galaxy/universe. 65% of YA books, if not set in this world, are in a made-up realm. The whole Throne of Glass realm seems a little completely based off of Game of Thrones, and so you have Erilea and Wendlyn and Adarlan and Terrasen and places like that. You also have things from Game of Thrones: Essos, Westeros, Asshai, Qarth, Yi Ti, etc. This 65%  is very prominent, so I’ll be coming with a few THIS-WORLD-LY settings because I can’t think of any unknown made-up realms off the top of my mind right now. I’ve only ever designed three.

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My Reasons For Brainwashing You To Love Magic In Books || Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday (14)

Words I like: Reasons, Inspire, FLOWERS FLOWERS FLOWERS, more to come. Anyway, today since I am trying to be a consistent garbanzo bean (somewhat) I’ve decided that I must do my TTT today rather than my monthly review, which I’m a little more scarce with. So I’m going to tell you await my monthly review of May tomorrow or day after. Ha, sorry! This month, I will give you a monthly review on the last day of June, rather than wait till June 8/9. Haha, I’m not even sure anyone really expected me to get my monthly review across on time. But just look for that. Okay? Okay.

I’m going to be talking about why I love magic in books, because of the prompt of today’s TTT. I swear I will brainwash all of you, but then when I think about it, you might not be willing to step away from sci-fi or contemp. or whatever so I decided I will brainwash you. That and I’m sure THOUSANDS OF YOU ALREADY LOVE MAGIC. I love magic in books because I’m a fantasy nerd, and I’m sure magic isn’t just exclusive to spells. I’M TALKING ANYTHING ABNORMAL THAT MAKES STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN. Sort of like a cuckoo clock. Rawr. Continue reading

My Signature Bookish Theme Songs Because Spotify And Books Are A Match Made In Heaven || Top Five Wednesday

Top Ten Tuesday (10)

I speak of only the truth. Usually, especially when its rainy out, I will curl up in bed with a woolly blanket, my earbuds plugged into my iPad on Spotify, begin a playlist and start reading. I’m obsessed with Spotify. Then I proceed on to completely tune out my music while reading. Or I’ll hum. It really seems to depend on the book and my mind and the presence of rain in the background.

For example, it’s flooding right now where I live. So what have I just done? Got off of reading A Dance With Dragons which is just so long, that I’m just going to procrastinate. Unless it rains. Which both of aforementioned things (rain, and the entirely unnecessary thousand something pgs. of A Dance With Dragons)  are in no way related to bookish theme songs.


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