Authors I Would Happily Take Another Book From

things bloggers should not compare their blogs on (3)

This is not the first time I’ve begun writing a post and don’t know what to say. Nevertheless, here I am, simply typing whatever comes into my mind, which is a VERY bad idea, but obviously I don’t recognize that because I’m still typing.

All bookworms have a favorite author. And there are certain authors who we would love a dozen more books from.

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Five Books I Rethought And Ruthlessly Rerated Because Fact #17 About Me Is That I’m Inordinately Indecisive

five booksichangedmy opinionabout

This is basically what went down since last time I posted something: My cousin decided to bunk with me for a couple of days, we did what girls do and sat the night out and acted chaotic. After she left, my sister and I went and visited family that we have yet to leave and this is all of what I packed: my Mac, tablet/phone/other devices since this is a completely spoiled generation, Red Rising by Pierce Brown, and, oh yes, all the clothes and shoes that I kind of need.

Now I’m still with family, and hey, I tried to take decent photos but all I had was Red Rising and my tablet. SO BASICALLY PIERCE BROWN FOR ALL. But that should be something as an aversion to me typically involving Harry Potter in every photo I take…it’s almost a habit now. Almost. And I must make a note–a note that my sister wanted me to tell you:

And quote: “Veda slept for seriously 6 hours last night and woke me up and cut me on my sleep so since she’s always ‘blogging’ and wrecking Aunt’s home for every flower vase, she shouldn’t make too much noise because she should just be polite and I hope she’s not wasting her time.” End quote.

Ha! Dear sister, ask any book blogger if there’s such a thing as too much blogging or causing the extinction of flower vases.

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Five Bookshelf Accessories That Were Love At First Sight For Me || Surprises Because I Am A Picky Thing

Bookshelf Accessories

In case you did not know, I am an EXTREMELY picky person. Picky with food mostly, but other things too, and books especially is one of them. Like, unless it’s been personally recommended or its not a debut/first book in the series, a book will not catch my eye unless the cover is gorgeous/unique/to my taste/colorful and the blurb is excellent and there are tons of great but also negative reviews. I HAVE STANDARDS OKAY PLEASE.

I’ve never been a fan of those tightly packed bookshelves, to be honest. I mean, I understand that it’s a bookshelf, but I like the kinds of bookshelves that have some more space, and aren’t just literally BOOKS ON TOP OF BOOKS ON TOP OF BOOKS. Because as much as I like color, I also like simplicity and refinement, so I love the vertical books with the little vase in the middle and then horizontally laid books with a faux plant or something of the sort. I just find those kinds of spacious, cozy, books-with-other-lavish-accessories kind of bookshelves to be so gorgeous. So here we go.

AND BY THE WAY I’VE BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHERE FOR BOOKSHELF INSPIRATIONS BECAUSE I’M REDOING MY ROOM WHICH IS TORTURE BASICALLY. It was hard…but I saw these and I loved them as soon as I saw them. So they’re on my inspiration board and desire-the-most-would-like-to-steal bookshelf board. So you know why this is full of so much insta-love. I’VE NEVER EVER TAKEN MUCH INTEREST IN DESIGNING MY BOOKSHELVES UP UNTIL NOW SO THESE ARE ALL MY NEW FAVORITE ACCESSORIES. Before I used to like journals and penholders and mugs and things like that. I’m new and lit baby (what a joke (insert tears of joy emoji because I overuse it anyway)

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Books That I Particularly Liked All The While Being Unacquainted With The Genre

Give Me A (2)

Honestly, I wasn’t too sure about doing this T5W because I’m a complete YA fantasy nerd and YA sci-fi geek. I usually don’t read much outside of those genres, because books outside of those genres don’t exactly attract me. Occasionally, I’ll read a contemporary, but that’s only when there’s a lot of good hype around it, on the contrary of when I go out searching for every fantasy YA there is.

If I’m not reading a YA fantasy or a sci-fi, then I’ll probably be reading a contemporary, but since I’ve only read a couple handfuls of contemporary, I consider that to be unusual too. It’s just that fantasy & sci-fi, being more packed with action, thrill, and mystery call to me more than any kind of romance or semi-realistic story. It’s always nice to read a light, binge read, but I still seem to prefer things where people die more.

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Places I Like To See Books Set In Because Too Much US and Europe has been going on || Top Five Wednesday

top ten reasons

The Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, The Dark Artifices, Harry Potter, The Infernal Devices, All the Light We Cannot See–you name it, the book’s probably set in the US or Europe. And if it’s not, chances are, the book is set in Canada or Australia. Which is entirely very scarce, so I’ve come up with some bang-up places (or mostly areas) I would like more books to be set in.

And mind you, I know the list doesn’t stop at this planet/solar system/galaxy/universe. 65% of YA books, if not set in this world, are in a made-up realm. The whole Throne of Glass realm seems a little completely based off of Game of Thrones, and so you have Erilea and Wendlyn and Adarlan and Terrasen and places like that. You also have things from Game of Thrones: Essos, Westeros, Asshai, Qarth, Yi Ti, etc. This 65%  is very prominent, so I’ll be coming with a few THIS-WORLD-LY settings because I can’t think of any unknown made-up realms off the top of my mind right now. I’ve only ever designed three.

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My Signature Bookish Theme Songs Because Spotify And Books Are A Match Made In Heaven || Top Five Wednesday

Top Ten Tuesday (10)

I speak of only the truth. Usually, especially when its rainy out, I will curl up in bed with a woolly blanket, my earbuds plugged into my iPad on Spotify, begin a playlist and start reading. I’m obsessed with Spotify. Then I proceed on to completely tune out my music while reading. Or I’ll hum. It really seems to depend on the book and my mind and the presence of rain in the background.

For example, it’s flooding right now where I live. So what have I just done? Got off of reading A Dance With Dragons which is just so long, that I’m just going to procrastinate. Unless it rains. Which both of aforementioned things (rain, and the entirely unnecessary thousand something pgs. of A Dance With Dragons)  are in no way related to bookish theme songs.


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Top Five Wednesday: Which Book Characters Did I See When I looked Into Stepmother’s Magic Mirror?

This is supposed to be an obvious, obvious thing. THEY HAVE TO BE DRAGONS ZOMG OF COURSE. But, as I lean towards a more realer side, I will tell you that I am similar to many book characters and rather enjoy being a little book twin. It is a funny little nice thing. You might not know it now, but, putting looks aside, I dare say I look like 1) an avid milkshake devourer and 2) a bookworm and 3) a number of book characters I will now tell you about.

Top Five Wednesday is hosted by Lainey at Gingerreadslainey over on Youtube. I suggest you watch either her or Superwoman. Both are amazing, so I want to promote both of their bookish and non bookish youtube business. You just have to link back to her and follow the corresponding prompt. The end.

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Top Five Wednesday: Eye Candy That Quickly Climbed The Ranks Of Eye And Candy Militaries And Then Turned Traitor

EYE CANDY is so pretty and eye candy-ish and I’ve read a lot of eye candy that seriously let me down. No joke, they come into the military school and are so charming and pretty and overrule all the commanders and then overthrow everything and become traitors after climbing the ranks. How evil of them, no?

And because I am a sneaky spy like the Wraith, I managed to take this things captive and give them a VERY bad rating. What a severe punishment. I am no druskelle and no Grisha but I have collected records of these traitors therefore I bring them to you now. But this is confidential, and I am letting you in on it because you could be the future Wraith. But I am the Wraith right now. And if you run off with these, the Wraith will come after you. ( 😛 )


Top Five Wednesday is a weekly meme done up by a Booktuber Gingerreadslainey. Her booktube is mega-cool and I think you might want to join the Goodreads Group if you want more information, but you pretty much list your top five for the prompt given which will be posted in the T5W Goodreads Group, so obviously, this rocket is all set to take off. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.27.38 PM

118601430. Deep Blue

This book is so pretty! I mean the cover, honestly. It looks so dazzling. Does it not? The various green and blue palette of colors used goes well together and the emphasis on her hair, and her dress, flowing like the wind under the water, and the burning palace at the bottom–it all flows together very well, and the light from the top refracting in visible rays is just so perfect. AND HER TAIL HER FREAKING TAIL IS SO PRETTY.

But the book was sluggish and it was only the last 30 or 40 pages was the only good part and all the distracting sea slang was so confusing. I mean, I’m all up for changing up words to make it more interesting like girlfriend to merlfriend but there was so much of it, I couldn’t even tell what the heck was what and what was going on. And it’s supposed to be YA? It seems like MG. No cussing, no actual romance, no point of the story.

134551122. Origin 

Um no. The cover is beautiful. And I also loved the little subtitle on the cover at the top if you can see it: The jungle hides a girl who cannot die. The plot should have seemed interesting, right? Creepy human-practically-manufacturing science associations and immortals. Oh, just you wait.

The bright green and the pastel green and the lilac flower and the white silhouette of a body against that and the title in that sharp-edged font and the orange author’s name–it all looks like one heck of a jungle palette, and all the colors look absolutely harmonious with each other, like they are singing a melody.


But this book did not sing a melody. It was incredibly long and it spanned over 4 days and half of what went on seemed like a bunch of unnecessary fluff and it was not at all appreciated and was not constructive to the story. It only dragged it on and made it seem pointless.

176177623. Vitro

So I nag about this book enough times. The cover is gorgeous–and island through a test tube and all you can see clearly is that. The cover designer was obviously very talented. But I read this book in the hopes that Khoury’s second novel would best her first, Origin, aforementioned, by atleast a little. I was so dreadfully wrong.

In all of my book reviewing and reading experience, I have never rated a book below a 3 star rating except this one. I gave it 2 stars. Maybe because I’m good at picking good books. But. Just don’t read this unless you want an awful read.


4. The Selection Series


THE COVERS ARE SO PRETTY I AM DYING INSIDE. I can practically FEEL my heart compressing every time I look at those gorgeous colors, and those gorgeous gowns. But, ladies, this was quite disastrous. It was definitely a traitor in the ranks of Eye Candy. The flawless, various gowns, and the bright color theme (the main character is America Singer, therefore the books are blue, red, and white for the USA, in case you couldn’t tell, and it’s very clever) was so wonderful to look at.

And then the story completely bombed everything up. The protagonist is pitiful, the love triangle is pathetic, and the side characters disappear and reappear and are looked on differently at different and there is never a constant side character. The only GOOD part of this is Prince Maxon because he was a dimensional character and very attractive. 😛


That’s my favorite picture of America Singer because apparently she’s got the brains in the looks and not in the head.

5. Graceling

Lord, have I been mini-reviewing each eye candy traitor I discuss? Whoops. You must know that, sanctum fumat, I like to blabber on and on and on and on and I tried to be a verbal minimalist in this post, but look how that failed. I must have turned you deaf or dumb or figuratively speechless. Major whoops.

3236307The cover of Graceling is the epitome of Medieval elegance, with the sword and the eye and the rough-textured parchment paper-like thingy in the background, but the story has zilch elegance.

There is a case of cruddy insta-and-at-the-same-time-anti-love which makes the story a big snoozefest and I didn’t know what was happening half the time.

The beginning was boring. And this cheesy, stupid “love” makes our supposedly unforgiving serial paid murderer of a protagonist reason to go gallumphing to places nowhere in relativity to her character or what should have been her job and purpose. And this awful love story goes directly to bedding between the two characters and I see no reason the book should have ever went the way it did.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.27.38 PM

Because y’all are so lovely did I rant like that for forever. And besides, when  eye candy turns traitor on the eye and the candy militaries, they’ll obviously hire the Wraith to save them all and magically become a druskelle and a Grisha and AHOSHIUHEDEGDYER all them evil traitors. So basically, these books have their rating on good hands in their appearance. Why you evil traitors. They must intend to provoke a dramatic response from me, or just leave me to shrivel up and die in need of a good book. But what they don’t know, you see, is I am super melodramatic 126% of the time. 

Have you read any of these books? do you agree with my opinions on them? what were your disastrously perfect eye candy traitors? and have you read Six of Crows which is the best novel of ever? if you haven’t, you probably thought I’ve really gone and done it and turned loony this time: here’s another assurance I’m still the only mature and perfect not-out-of-a-Dr.-Seuss-book person. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 12.18.24 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.14.59 PM

Top Five Wednesday: The Fandoms I live in 86348 hours a day

Heya! How are you doing? Well, I hope. Because I have a bunch of fandoms to talk about right now and I’m so excited and I have a feeling I’m going to end up never stopping talking and moving on to the actual purpose of this post so…..I’ll stop being a killjoy. 

Top Five Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Lainey and is something that is super fun to do just like Top Ten’s. Join  by simply crediting Lainey, following the prompt given and list your Top Five for it. 😀 

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.27.38 PM


So this fandom is my life. Oh well. What is life anyway without Harry Potter, amirite???? 😀 😀 #diehardpotterfan So join the Harry Potter fandom because you know you love HP so much and BTW if you haven’t read it or don’t love it me and my gang here are


2. Divergent 

Do I even have to explain how amazingly funny this is.


This fandom is like super awesomeness because two things) CUPCAKES, and YUMMY STUFF.



Oh my god oh my god oh my god I love this show forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. It is the best detective show of ever. Um, Danno, anyone?

😛 😛

5. Percy Jackson

My bro, Perce is so loving this right now. #priorities

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.27.38 PM

So that’s it for today! I love fandoms, gawd. And the Percy Jackson thing cracks me up every time 😀

did you do a top 5 wednesday? leave me a link? which one was your favorite? do you follow any of these fandoms yourself?

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