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I never intend to leave you dying for three weeks, I mean it. It was kind of one of those classic situations of, on week 1: I must write a blog post! Hence I am buried under work and cannot do so. On week 2: I must write a blog post! Hence I slowly die because of all the stress. But that’s okay, because when we get to week 3, and I say I absolutely must write a blog post, I sit down and do it regardless of what other things I must get done. I am a professional procrastinator. Never doubt me.

So on that note, I decided to return to you today with a tag, because I swear I have not done one in half a year, probably. I just went to check and then browsed the internet for some time because I should not be trusted with wifi. It’s been a while since I’ve written any blog post, but don’t worry, I haven’t completely fallen asleep. I did continue with my main WIP and plotted out three new ones because my brain belongs in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for all the insane ideas it spins. Also, I have been planning out some major blog redesigns and url changes for the better, so hopefully I’ll follow through with that and then you’ll see what I’m talking about. 😉

91216-2Anyways, I’m definitely sure that it’s been quite a while since I’ve done a book tag which I think has told everyone that, ah, Veda is no longer doing book tags because she probably lives in a rabbit hole.

And I blame you not for that, wise ones. I do live in a rabbit hole. A rather large rabbit hole, granted, but I do. And so I do remember a couple months ago I got tagged by Reg from She Latitude for the Netflix and Books tag (thank you Reg [I remember my manners I’m not that much of a rabbit okay]) and her blog is a darling, or she is, I can’t quite remember because I do believe that both her and her blog are lovely.

Alas, I must cry while writing this blog post (actually I won’t because I think MacBooks are not supposed to be exposed to abundant amounts of saltwater) because I don’t have Netflix and I live off of my cousin’s account whenever she decides not be a rat. But that’s about it.


tag rules:

  • Choose a book or book series that best matches the prompt provided.
  • Feel free to change the TV show if you’d like it to reflect YOUR preferences!
  • A blank set of the prompts is located at the very bottom.
  • Link back to the creators, Christy at Novel Ink and Lauren at Bookmark Lit, and tag some friends to join in!


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: unlikeable character(s)

If you don’t know what I’m going to say, 1) you need to come here more or else how would you ever know who I am when you vote for me for leader of the galaxies?? and 2) then hopefully you don’t take it personally and decide to go live across the world from me because I know that kind of stuff can happen over books. I might live in a rabbit hole, but this one thing is for sure: Personally there is no book character I hate more than America freaking Singer from the Selection trilogy.

ALL SHE DOES IS CRY, TUG HER EAR, AND WHINE. She is the most shallow book character I’ve ever met–she’s offended when Maxon is taking part in the Selection and not lapping at her heels and her thought process literally goes: Maxon or Aspen Maxon or Aspen Maxon or Aspen maxon or Aspen maxon or aspen maxon or aspen maxon oraspen maxonor aspen maxonoraspen maxonoraspen. I still cannot see an identity to her. The only reason I didn’t quit after the first sixteen pages (in which America gets about that close with doing seem irksome things with Aspen in a treehouse) was for Maxon, okay?


Vampire Diaries: your ship sank or didn’t happen

This is tremendously a bit of a space time irritation continuum for me because I invested so much of myself into shipping these two: Nikolina from the Grisha trilogy. Honestly, I LOVEDD Darklina but I figured that since Leigh Bardugo is a distinctly good/bad/no-grey-at-all author (except for in Six of Crows where she gets naughty and I love it omg Crooked Kingdom) she would never follow through with Darklina. So I said, you know what, atleast Nikolina. You have to atleast make Nikolina come through. But no. It had to be Mal. And I’m pretty sure I know that somewhere deep down inside of me…but I just loved Nikolai too much to ever doubt it wouldn’t happen. Atleast Bardugo atoned for this sin by writing Six of Crows. Atleast. 😉

Friends: best cast of characters/friendships


Nothing will ever beat the legendary Harry, Ron, and Hermione trio.


Gossip Girl: hate that you love or guilty pleasure

I plead guilty…I binge read The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater thinking that I would hate it because I hated the Wolves of Mercy Falls and as I suffered through Shiver, Linger is the only book that I’ve ever DNF’d, and that’s saying quite a lot about it IMHO. But obviously, Stiefvater BLEW my expectations because she’s a spectacular author.

Of course, I fell in dire love with the series, and now all I want to do in life is buy an orange Chevy Camaro.

Doctor Who: long series you loved

The Mortal Instruments was nowhere near as good as The Infernal Devices or Lady Midnight, the first book in the Dark Artifices trilogy. Anyhow, I still loved it because it was the first ever door into the Shadowhunter world that Clare created, and even though sometimes it feels a bit stereotypical and immature, it’s definitely a cute series. All the love, and the diversity, and the MAGIC–and the ending with CoHF–well, I just died. Excuse me.


Grey’s Anatomy: all the feels

The first answer I have for this is The Infernal Devices, undoubtedly. I LOVE WILLIAM HERONDALE. I LOVE HIM. So I’m hopeless living in this mundane world because I’ll never fall in love unless Will Herondale jumps out of the books on my shelf in which case I will promptly die from sticker shock and overwhelming emotion, so either way, there’s no happy ending for me. That’s what happens to rabbit-hole residents.

But since I already used a Clare series, I’ll say that my next answer is The Wrath and the Dawn duology by Renee Ahdieh. It’s such an adorable duology. Both of the characters are very grey–they definitely aren’t good (Khalid has his sword out for everything and Shahrzad screams every two seconds because she is short-tempered like me) but they definitely aren’t bad either. And the representation of Aryan/Arabian culture–OMG I’VE NEVER FELT SO INCLUDED IN THE WORLD AS I HAVE NOW because I have pride and I am Southeast Asian, or Indian, and after taking so many racist people who came my way, this book was just another confidence-booster for me. Also it broke my heart because Khalid is not real and all this while I’m thinking I’ll just marry him because why not?? He and I are both somewhat descendants of the brown people so there should be no problem there.

The OC: series that should have ended earlier

Spoilers follow, I would advise not reading this unless you have read the Divergent trilogy

I have to come and say Divergent. I mean–I applaud Roth for making the choice she did at the end of Divergent even though I hate it, and flat out hate it, not with a passion because I have no taste for our protagonist. I feel definitely that Divergent should have been a duology.

I mean, when we are introduced to the world in Divergent which was the BEST BOOK EVER, we are given a prelude to a powerful rebellion and we see Jeanine Matthews be villainized. Then when she is killed at the end of Insurgent, WHY DOES ALLEGIANT EXIST. I feel like Roth simply wrote it for the sake of having a third book or a trilogy. She introduced an all-powerful new enemy and new world and did not develop either except for to gradually state that the world beyond the wall, the real world, and the Bureau are all dead and pointless and evil. It was such a shallow, pointless, unnecessary book.

I generally believe that you should not introduce villains in the very last installment of the book (don’t say White Walkers because we had a glimpse of them killing Night’s Watch men right at the beginning of the first book) because that doesn’t give you enough time to be consistent, thorough, and have a developed story, not something put out there just to be out there.

Spoilers ended


One Tree Hill: favorite book boyfriend

How many ‘favorite’ book-related questions do I have to suffer?! THIS IS A TRICK QUESTION YOU CANNOT HAVE A ‘FAVORITE’ AS IN NON PLURAL BOOK BOYFRIEND. In the bookworm world, it’s evidently okay to cheat because after being wooed by Will Herondale we completely ignore the fact that our hearts are not prepared for the glory of Rhysand and yet we read ACOMAF. I swear, sometimes I feel like authors are just trying to kill us all off. So I’ll say my top book boyfriend is definitely Will Herondale. And then quite a bit off comes Rhysand. But other than that, I don’t think I have any other long-standing fictional loves.

So what have you learned? I like dark-haired boys with dark blue/violet (somewhere in that chromatic region) eyes who have some kind of supernatural quality. You might want to make a note of this because when my birthday comes by, if by chance you happen to gift me a drop-dead gorgeous black-haired, dark blue/violet-eyed boy, then I promise I will let you live in my rabbit hole (this is as grandiose as it gets ladies and gents) and have some of my lemon meringue pie. Also I will call you Maple Syrup and possibly lovingly pet you every once in a while. I love Maple Syrup, so this should not be taken lightly. (cue tears-of-joy-emoji because this whole paragraph is fooling no one  😛 )

Breaking Bad: favorite villain

I know this says favorite villain, but I’m going to address the whole book series of A Game of Thrones, because I love all the grey characters in that series. When at times the protagonists (good) seem bad and the antagonists (bad) seem good you know you’ve got yourself a very complex, wonderful novel.

So let me say: I LOVE THE LANNISTERS. I love how twisted but yet caring Cersei is, I love how faithful yet ruthless Jaime is, and I FREAKING LOVE how clever yet malicious Tyrion is. And besides them, I have no doubt that even the White Walkers are so twisted and dead that they are perfect villains. And I know that they are completely bad and there’s no grey, but they’re dead. If you’re dead, then you are complex and non-stereotypical enough for me.


Modern Family: best family or parents

I’m going to say Rhysand’s family in the Night Court is the best family I’ve ever read about BESIDES THE WEASLEYS BECAUSE I’M REFRAINING FROM POINTING THEM OUT BECAUSE I’VE ALREADY USED HP. I’ll quit screaming in caps. But still, know the Weasleys are my very first choice. But besides them, I would definitely classify Rhysand’s council in the Night Court as his family. That is what they are, after all, so tightly knitted that they’ve come to matter to each other more than any royal council would matter. And even as they’re all so powerful and dark, they’re all so loving and reliant on each other.

Especially Azriel and Mor? They’re perfect. Amren is slightly less developed but still alluring, and Cassian–well, he’s Cassian. ;P



-Marie from Drizzle and Hurricane Books who has such inspirational posts and a gorgeous blog!
-Alexandra from The Spacelings whose blog is definitely my style. It’s perfectly eye-catching and the graphics are ON POINT.
-Beth over at Reading Every Night and at this point I feel like I’m being so judgmental and biased because here’s another super aesthetically pleasing blog!

all prompts:

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: unlikeable character(s)
Vampire Diaries: your ship sank or didn’t happen
Friends: best cast of characters/friendships
Gossip Girl: hate that you love or guilty pleasure
Doctor Who: long series you loved
Grey’s Anatomy: all the feels
How I Met Your Mother: bad ending
Supernatural: favorite paranormal/fantasy
Freaks & Geeks: left you wanting more
The OC: series that should have ended earlier
Girl Meets World: should have a spin-off
That 70’s Show: set in a different time period
Orange is the New Black: couldn’t stop reading
Parks and Recreation: made you laugh out loud
One Tree Hill: favorite book boyfriend
Breaking Bad: favorite villain
Modern Family: best family or parents

91216-1Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 4.39.35 PM.png

-Do you agree with any of my choices? Have you read any of these books??

-OMG who is your favorite book boyfriends? I know that’s not grammatically correct but I’m not going to be rude and sentence you to death by asking for you to give me only one?

-AND HAVE YOU READ A GAME OF THRONES? I hope you’ve read A Throne of Glass too? They’re currently my favorite epic fantasy books ever…which one do you like better? YES I KNOW THIS MAY CAUSE A SIDE EFFECT OF DEATH.


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